Reporting an Absence

It is required that ALL absences be verified. To do so please call the office at 707-837-7757 between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm. If calling before or after our office hours please leave a message with your name, student’s name, relation to student and the reason for their absence. We understand that life gets busy and sometimes calling just slips the mind. If a student’s absence has not been verified our automated system will give you a quick reminder call. Sometimes mistakes are made by administrators so please call if your child was an school and you received a phone call. If you are planning a vacation and a student is missing 5 to 15 days of school please reference our Independent Study tab.

Independent Study

Sometimes it isn’t possible to take vacation during Winter or Spring Break. If a student is missing 5 to 15 school days Independent Study is required. The student’s teacher should always be notified as soon as possible because if proper notice is not given the request for Independent Study can be denied. Paperwork needs to be filled out at the front office prior to leaving. A work packet will be send home and needs to be returned FULLY COMPLETED in order to receive credit. If work is not turned in or is incomplete then the absences will be unexcused and you student will be declared a truant.