Mattie has a very strong partnership with our parents. They actively serve as volunteers in the classroom working one-on-one with students, with small groups, as library helpers, offering computer assistance and working with our gardens. A Volunteer Coordinator and an on-site day care for the younger siblings of our students whose parents volunteer, both funded by PTA, helps to increase the number of volunteers which support our program.


The Windsor State Preschool is housed at Mattie Washburn and is an important part of the school environment. This program is run by 4C’s (Community Child Care Council) of Sonoma County. There are two sessions a day, morning and afternoon. If you are interested in the Preschool, please call their office at 544-3077.


At Mattie we are committed to ensuring that all students receive a challenging academic program as they begin their school career. We have a balanced curriculum, which combines hands-on, real life experiences with the basic skills needed for success. Our focus is on early literacy with the goal that all students will be fluent readers as they leave first grade. Teachers use the Houghton Mifflin Reading Series, which has a strong phonic base. Teacher use the Envision Math program which provides a strong support of basic math concepts and reasoning skills.

A standards based report card charts the growth that students make in all academic areas and gives parents the knowledge of how their child is doing in school. The reading Results assessments are administered to all students by the classroom teacher three times a year. Teachers also give the school-wide math and written language assessments three times a year. This helps us closely monitor the students’ achievement and provide assistance when needed. This careful monitoring helps to ensure that no student slips through the cracks and continues to show progress.