Some helpful information from the Cali Library:

Maryann Beer

Books are loaned for a 2-week period, and can be renewed up to 6 times.
Students may not check out another book if they have one that is overdue.
6th, 7th and 8th graders incur a 10-cent-a-day late fee for each overdue book.

Please work with your children so they are able to get more books every time their class visits our library. It is so difficult for kids when “everyone else” gets a book, but they don’t. Thank you for recognizing the importance of our school library as an integral part of Cali.

To view our Spanish and English book collection online and other great resources, go to: http://exlibris.wusd.org/

Britannica school and escolar

Britannica School and Escolar:  school.eb.com
Username: windsorPassword: wusd


With a Sonoma County library card, residents can now browse Spanish-language digital books on sonoma.overdrive.com/library/espanol and on the reading app, Libby.